Carlos Diaz Ruiz, PhD

Markets and the Consumer Society

Diaz RuizI am a business researcher interested in markets and the consumer society. This means that my research with consumer communities is at the thriving urban scenes and the vibrant start ups where nascent trends are driving the future of our society. As a postdoctoral researcher, my work is affiliated with the Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki Finland where I use mainly qualitative research methods including ethnography.

My research has been published in peer-reviewed journals in marketing including Marketing Theory and Industrial Marketing Management. A recurrent theme in my research is the role of representations, where marketers make something stand for something else, like when they make diamonds stand for eternal love. I am fascinated by how consumer communities mobilize representations and materiality, and thus I am a big fan, on the one hand, of scholars of science and technology like Latour, Law and Callon, and on the other hand, I admire the work of scholars of representation like Baudrillard and Miller.

My interest in academic business research is driven in part by my experience in industry as a marketing at the now defunct Mexicana Airlines. On the one hand, Mexicana Airlines used to serve upscale North American leisure and business travelers, and on the other hand ethnic migratory workers. This means that the airline required two different organizational identities simultaneously; a balancing act that was challenging, to put it mildly. My previous experience in market research helped me to develop consumer insights that were needed to balance the creative paths in advertising and the investing guidelines in media.

In this website you can find about my research including the most relevant publications.