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Teaching in b-school

One of the most important drivers when I decided to move from industry to academia was that I could be able to teach; I really like teaching. However, I realized that teaching in a business school has its own challenges, for example, emphasizing more the “business” than the “school.” I am conscious that while theory is important, the goal of students in business schools is the business application. Now, the question is how to contextualize business theories in such a way that the managerial implications can be grasped easily?

My learning is that rather than presenting myself as an expert who simply delivers information to students, I advocate students learning by doing. There are torrents of new fads and theories in business, and business students need to learn “how to learn by themselves” without falling into the fads. I found that one important tool is to encourage business students to play an active role in determining what and how they need to solve business problems.

I am fortunate to teach qualitative courses where interpretative skills are crucial. These courses can be quite abstract but I found that they can be enhanced by relying on guided discussions. I understand that for many students talking in public is challenging and I learned from my experience in industry that communicating complex ideas to top management is tricky. Presentations to C-level officers require creativity, credibility, confidence and above all brevity. I try to help my students through presentations and workshops the importance of being concise, confident and clear.

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Книжная Ярмарка-2014 в Хельсинки или Как Хорошо Уметь Читать-2

Diaz Ruiz:

I am going as a photographer to the Helsinki Book fair this weekend. Here is the preview (in Russian)

Originally posted on Ksenia Kosheleva/Ксения Кошелева:

На этой неделе в Хельсинки проходит 14-ая по счету Книжная ярмарка/Kirjamessut-2014. Если честно, то я начала ее ждать еще с прошлого года, буквально, как только вышла из павильона Messukeskus. И не только из-за трепетной любви к печатному тексту, но и банально потому что в Хельсинки не так часто проходят масштабные/отлично организованные/массово посещаемые мероприятия (Сумасшедшие дни в Стокманне вне конкуренции).


 Итальянцы в Финляндии

Тематическая страна ярмарки в этом году – Италия. Оттуда ожидаются десятки книжных стендов, пизанские башни новинок и несколько сотен участников, включая писателей, телезвезд и важных персон из мира искусства и издательского бизнеса. Самые известные имена: тележурналист, ведущий и военный корреспондент Франко Ди Маре (FrancoDiMare); палеонтолог, ведущий программы, писатель Альберто Анжела (AlbertoAngela) и писатель-сценарист Франческо Пикколо (FrancescoPiccolo), получивший в этом году литературную премию Стрега (Il Premio Strega). Это чуть ли не самая престижная премия в области литературы итальянского…

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Free article in Industrial Marketing Management (IMM) until 16 October

The latest publication by Diaz Ruiz and Kowalkowski (2014) in Industrial Marketing Management is free until October 16. The free version of the white paper “Market representations in industrial marketing: Could representations influence strategy?” can only be accessed through THIS LINK


The following is the abstract of the paper:

A central question in industrial marketing is whether the form in which the market of a firm is represented influences the marketing strategy. This question has been studied generally through case study research, and quantitative evidence is limited. In response to this limitation, this paper reports on a quasi-experiment investigating whether market representations have a constructive aspect in business. Empirically, this study compares two types of market representations – ostensive and performative – in order to test for influence exacted in two well-established strategies in industrial marketing – service focus and product differentiation. Results indicate that service focus is selected when market representations rely on agency in firms (i.e., performative), and product strategies are selected when structures are emphasized (i.e., ostensive). This paper contributes to methodology development by expanding the link between a case study approach and quasi-experiments explaining how quasi-experiments can replicate findings in industrial marketing.


Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz, Christian Kowalkowski, (2014) Market representations in industrial marketing: Could representations influence strategy?, Industrial Marketing Management, 43 (6), 1026-1034.

Bruno latour will give an open course online in 2014

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Whatever you will be doing between Jan 20 and March 15 2014, you have to make time for the Open Online Course that Bruno Latour will give on “Scientific Humanities”. Bruno Latour is a brilliant philosopher/scientist/anthropologist who has been studying the boundaries between science, technology and politics. The course is free and it is the best investment you will make to understand the world today and have an informed opinion in about 8 weeks.

You can find more information here