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Professor in Marketing & Consumer studies

On service design: An interview with Christian Grönroos

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Christian Grönroos from Hanken School of Economics is interviewed as part of the Finnish designers portraits at the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. Grönroos, a well-known scholar, specializes in service management, which includes service design. In his words, service design differs from product design because processes are central in service design. Design tend to focus mostly on physical products, yet services are designed too. Grönroos explains that service design requires careful attention to the end user. Design artifacts in the right way. In a way, product design always includes service design to create a better experience from the end-user.

The video can be found in Vimeo.




WDC 2012 Designer Portraits: Christian Grönroos from WDC Helsinki 2012 on Vimeo.


Author: Diaz Ruiz

Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz is Assistant Professor in Marketing at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux

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