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One of my favorite bloggers, Anna always manages to capture my thoughts with her imaginative prose, and provocative themes. This time, she really made me think about what was I doing during the time when Pluto was a planet.

In 2006, the year when the planet Pluto died, I was in love with a blond girl which grew up in the northern forests. I was willing to spend my life with her. Yet, a little bit later, when Pluto was no longer a planet, I was no longer roaming around the northern forests, neither with that girl. My life has changed a lot, and mostly for good, but I cant stop feeling nostalgic about the time before we decided that Pluto could not be a planet anymore.

Photography & Journalism

The planet Pluto died in 2006. I was 16 years old. I was in love with a boy with long hair and skinny jeans and dreamed of far away places.

Pluto was given birth by science in the early 20th century. In 1930 to be exact. The smallest planet to be known by mankind at the time, was named after the Greek God of the underworld. In time it became to be loved by all. The cute little thing some where there behind Uranus and the other big things, in outer space.

Pluto, the planet died in 2006. At the respectful age of 76 years. The smallest planet of our solar system was coldly removed from its planetary family and diminished to be, what is known to be, a dwarf Planet. Pluto ceased to be the smallest of the planetary solar family and became to be the second largest of…

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Author: Diaz Ruiz

Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz is Assistant Professor in Marketing at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux

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